#3. If you see an animal eating something, it’s safe for you to eat it.

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Despite the fact that Leo did it in The Revenant, eating after wolves (or any other creature) doesn’t make a food inherently safe. For instance, birds and squirrels can digest several types of berries, seeds, and mushrooms that will make a human being violently ill – or even kill you.


#2. You need to find a food supply immediately if you’re lost in the wilderness.

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Anyone who buys into this one must not watch Naked & Afraid. In case it’s the pasty butts that put you off, I’ll summarize. The body can survive with almost no food for up to 6 weeks, but will expire after 2-3 days without water. Bonus knowledge: finding a source of water can have the added bonus of locating food sources, too, since other animals and plants have the same requirement. Shelter is next on the list of importance.


#1. Rub someone’s skin or put them in a hot tub to warm them up.

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If a person is suffering from frostbite, rubbing their skin can cause additional damage. Not only that, but hot water can have similar detrimental effects. The human body needs to warm back up slowly, either with blankets, hot water bottles at points like the underarms or the back or the knees and neck, or with the shared heat from another human body.


h/t: IFL Science