Tumblr can often be a gateway straight into people’s minds. Their deepest passions, their OTPs, the secret longings at the heart of every fandom come out on Tumblr.

Though we all know that Harry Potter – the books, the movies, the fan fiction – is a worldwide phenomenon, what are people really thinking while our heroes and heroines are gamely following their plot threads through to the end?

Well. Read on.

#12. And they will keep doing it until people quite watching. So…never.


#11. The obvious answer is because Harry never paid attention in Potions. Duh.


#10. If Hogwarts does it… score one for America.


#9. Granted, we have hindsight. And less PTSD than Harry has from years of living in that house.


#8. J.K. Rowling doesn’t name one single thing in her books by chance. Not. One.


#7. Go Mr. Weasley! And congrats to you, Molly. Hubba.