Think back on your life. Unless you’re a sociopath, you’ve probably felt embarrassed at some point. Now remember all the embarrassing things you’ve seen other people do. We’re all together on this crazy journey of life, fucking up left and right. No one escapes unscathed – just check out these AskReddit posts for proof:

1. “Just hanging”

I was at a water park in the wave pool and a girl had a boob knocked out of her bikini and didn’t notice. A lifeguard blew his whistle, pointed, and said “Your breast…” so I of course looked and saw it. She simply said thank you and covered it back up but I’ll never forget that big boob just hanging and feeling bad for her.

2. Mistaken Identity

This! My cousin once was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up from some sketchy part of town. Cops rolled up and arrested her because they thought she was a sex worker. She got picked up at the precinct later by her boyfriend and his mom. Hilarious.

3. Drunk and Unashamed

I was in 11th grade and my buddy was in 9th, I brought him to a party with me. He got obnoxiously drunk on Vodka. There were these two 12th grade girls that I really wanted to talk up, he came with me. We are standing in front of them and they were sitting in chairs, so they were eye level with our crotches. Our game is surprisingly working and he is holding it together, or so I thought. One of the girls exclaims “Oh my god, he is pissing!”. I look over and he is peeing his pants as we chat up these senior girls that are eye-level with our junk.

4. “Wow, Dad”

I was in a Disneyland bathroom stall. The man in the adjacent stall was in the midst of a serious poop struggle. While the ambient hum of the bathroom may have drowned out the plop, it did not silence his exclamation:

“Oh my God, that thing is huge.”


This was already loud enough to be uncomfortable for everyone.

Then, a second voice:

“Wow, Dad.”

5. I’d laugh, long and hard.

We all went out on the town with our boss after a convention. Walking back to the parking lot, a car picks up a pay ticket at the entrance and pulls in. We follow the car in on foot. My boss walks past the ticket machine just as the barricade arm swings down, smashing his face and destroying his glasses. We all get in the car, and as he drives you can hear everyone trying their damnedest to not laugh. He whips around and screams in a pathetic tone “Stop laughing at me!” Then 10min later, he mis-pays a toll booth, and another gate arm comes down. It wrecks the left fender, mirror, and pillar of his truck, as well as snaps off the arm. One of my co-workers grabbed the arm as a souvenir.