Customer service is a rough gig.

Add together food and tips for pay, and you’ve got a recipe for 17 horror stories:

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#1. The Switch-Up

“A couple orders food together. Man gets a plain hamburger and the female gets a hamburger ketchup only.

They come back up together, and the man says he ordered it plain but got ketchup, and the girl says she wanted ketchup but got a hamburger plain.

I still don’t know if they were trolling, but all I could do was gesture for them to switch hamburgers, as I was dumbfounded.”

#2. The Racism Interpreter

“We had a waitress run into the kitchen BAWLING her eyes out.


It took us a few minutes to find out what had happened, but apparently, a customer kept telling his son what he wanted, and the son would tell this waitress.

When pressed by the waitress why he would not speak to her directly, he told his son to tell her…

‘I don’t talk to N____'”

#3. Not the ENTIRE theatre community!…

“I served a lady who ordered a French onion soup. I returned a minute after delivery and asked how everything was. She made it CLEAR that she did not like the soup.

I took it away, gave her the menu, and she ordered a bruschetta with feta cheese (If you had it with feta cheese, there was a 75-cent extra charge). It arrived in timely fashion.

She seemed pleased.

Until, the bill arrived…

Now, I didn’t charge her for the French onion soup (she ate half of the thing), but she had a MELTDOWN because I charged her the measly 75 cents for the feta!

She started screaming in front of everybody that I was being rude, and that she was going to tell everyone, EVERYONE not to come to our restaurant.



She ripped up her bill and crumpled it up in front of me.

The whole thing was quite surreal.

I was stoic. I never had anything like that happen before, so I didn’t know how to react.


#4. What’s worse than no tip?

“I had a table of 5 that consisted of middle-aged people of mixed-gender leave a used maxi-pad on the table.”