#8. Demon Spawn

“Loud, screaming child hurls their meal at the server’s feet.

The mother looks up at the server and rudely tells her “I guess you’re gonna need to get her something else and clean that up.”

The kid spent the entire meal screaming and jumping all over the booth. At the end, kid wants dessert, and the parents say no, since she hadn’t eaten her dinner.

Mother of the year decides that she’s going to eat the kid’s dessert right in front of her.

The kid then began screaming things such as, ‘I’m going to fucking kill you!’ and, ‘I fucking hate you, you asshole!'”

#9. The Bad Reuben

“My girlfriend and I worked at the same restaurant in Savannah, GA while in college. St. Patrick’s day is huge here, about 750,000 people come every year and get very, very drunk.


One year an intoxicated customer, “didn’t like his Reuben,” and proceeded to grab my girlfriend (his waitress) and literally rub it in her face.

Myself, a bartender and a bouncer, literally tossed him out the front door.”

#10. “He threw it on the ground”

“We had one lone man come in in the afternoon who was particularly difficult. He complained that there was nothing on the menu that he wanted to eat and our prices were too expensive.

After patiently trying to give him suggestions of popular dishes or specials, he tried to negotiate the prices on things – offering to pay half of the price listed on the menu.

I told him that I wasn’t authorized to make changes to the prices on the menu, but that I would get my manager to come over and speak with him.

After trying to dicker with my manager (who is also extremely patient), he was told simply that the prices listed were the prices that they charge for the food, and if he wasn’t happy with the selection or pricing, there were plenty of other restaurants in town he could eat at.

He ended up ordering something off the menu. I served him (pleasantly and promptly) and brought him his bill.

When I came back to get payment from him, he left the exact change for his bill on the table.

He then took a nickel, spit on it, told me that was my tip, and threw it on the ground under the table.

I told my manager, and she escorted him out of the restaurant while telling him he wasn’t welcome at her restaurant anymore.”