#15. R, R, and arrgh!

“Cheap-ass owner had us recycle salsa.”

#16. Just a little hyperbolic

“While working at Subway I had two older ladies come in and tell me how much of a nice young man I was, and how it was so refreshing to have a fast food employee be so sociable.

This ultimately led to the conversation “This must be a summer job while you’re in college, right?”

I answered yes and told them that I had just finished my sophomore year as an engineering major at Penn State.

This led to a ten-minute session of them screaming at me, claiming that I was a terrible person who supports child molestation. They literally told me I was no better than Jerry Sandusky himself, and said they didn’t know how I could live with myself.

They told my manager they couldn’t believe that she could work with someone like me (wasn’t I just the exceedingly nice young man?).


My manager told them in the nicest way possible that they could go fuck themselves, and I never saw them again.”

#17. The Special Request

“I work at a sushi restaurant.

I’ve actually had customers ask me to lay naked on the table so they could eat sushi off of me.”


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