Think your family is weird? These AskReddit users dished on their weirdest family traditions and boy, it’s nice to know there are families out there who are crazier than mine!

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#1. Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

“The aunts fight. I mean like literally fight. They will get wasted and just get louder and louder and then one will shout something along the lines of, “You want to back that up?” and then they will go outside and fight. We all watch and cheer for our favorite aunt to win and sometimes we will even video tape the fight so that we can watch it later and laugh about it. It is pretty normal.”

#2. Turtle Power

“Every year on Christmas before we could open anything my dad used to make us do the Ninja Turtles Dance. He would take lead and my sister and I would have to do it behind him while my mom recorded it. Thinking back I find it hilarious.”

#3. Sacred Cow

“My mother has always put a cow puppet on top of the Christmas tree instead of an angel.”

#4. The Last Fry

“It’s more between my brother and I than our whole family. Whenever we’d eat at a fast food place we would play “The last fry”, and it was just that, the one that ate the last fry won. Sometimes we’d hide it for hours then eat it and say “MMMM IT TASTE SOOOO GOOD WHEN ITS THE LAAAAAST FRY!!!” One time I put my fry in my backpack and found it a couple weeks later, totally won that time.”

#5. Pour One Out For The Hommies

“In my family, we go to the graveyard on Christmas Eve and pour the dead relatives favorite drinks on their gravestones. I am from Denmark.”