I can’t help it – there are just too many amazing things that have died since the 90s. Just too many experiences that need to be preserved for posterity so that kids today can know that back in the day, the struggle was REAL.

And also the food was so much better.

#25. Titanic 4Evr.

#24. I had such a love/hate relationship with these effers.

#23. If you say you didn’t love this movie, you’re lying.

#22. Our cartoons did not mess around.

#21. And it might be an hour before it’s your turn.

#20. My first two cars didn’t have power windows. #showingmyage

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#19. Seriously, what WAS that smell? Celluloid tape? Idk, but it was amazing.

Photo Credit: Movie Pilot

#18. The real good ‘ol days.

#17. The real TGIF. *salutes*

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#16. Aw, Oregon Trail. I think I miss you the most.

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#15. Our parents knew true pain.

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#14. These looked good on exactly nobody.

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#13. Nothing.