#12. It was a distraction, and that’s all we need to know.

#11. You know you want to finish it.

#10. We had to get creative to get someone’s attention in class.

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#9. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

#8. Had to be. Absolutely.

#7. Knowing how to read actual maps still comes in handy once in a while. For now.

#6. There are people who don’t?

#5. Going to the playground was like The Hunger Games. Basically.

#4. Nobody wanted the outfits, though.

#3. A metal one that injured you or a plastic one that broke. CHOICES.

#2. They will also never know the joy of finding an undeveloped camera two months later and getting to see what you forgot.

#1. 90s boy hair. What on earth were we swooning about?

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h/t: Buzzfeed

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