How often do coincidences happen to you? They happen to me all the time, but some are MUCH stranger than others.

Still, mine don’t even come anywhere close to these 6.

Let’s get started…

#6. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Image Credit: Georgetowner

The founding fathers were often at odds in their political careers, but they ended up regaining a friendship in their later years. Perhaps this is why their deaths synced up on the exact same day, July 4th, 1826.

While it’s now impossible to truly verify the accounts of those by their bedside, it is said that Jefferson’s last words were, “Is it the Fourth?” and Adams’ were “Thomas Jefferson still survives.”

However, Adams was incorrect, as Jefferson had passed earlier that day.


#5.  Edwin Booth and Robert Lincoln

In late 1864 or early 1865, Edwin Booth was waiting for a train in Jersey City, New Jersey. A man near him tripped and nearly fell into an oncoming train, but Edwin quickly pulled him to safety.

The man was Robert Lincoln.

Several months later, Edwin Booth’s brother John Wilkes Booth assassinated Robert Lincoln’s father, Abraham Lincoln, at Ford’s Theatre.

#4. That Time Everybody Was Late To The Explosion

Photo Credit: Beatrice Daily Sun

15 choir members were all late to a church explosion in 1950.

The pastor, his wife and her daughter were late because the daughter had gotten her dress dirty, and the wife had to iron another.

One choir member had to finish a letter.

Two more had to attend to a family matter.

Another was taking care of his sons and only remembered there was practice at the last minute.

The choir’s pianist and her mother were late because the pianist fell asleep, even though she had planned to arrive 30 minutes early.

Two high school students didn’t make it in time because one was so enthralled with a radio program they were listening to that they had no plans to arrive on time.

Two more had car problems and had to wait for an alternate ride to pick them up.

And one even lived right across the street from the church, but didn’t want to go because it was cold outside. When she finally decided to go, she opened her door and watch the church disintegrate right before her eyes. That woman, Joyce Black, recalled watching songbooks and sheet music flying everywhere.

Nobody was hurt.

#3. Erskine & Neville Ebbin

Image Credit: Peaceful Century

It was July 1975, and 17-year-old Erskine Ebbin was driving his moped in Hamilton, Bermuda when he got hit and killed by a cab.

This wouldn’t be weird except for the fact that his brother Neville had been hit and killed by the very same cab…

driven by the very same driver…

carrying the very same passenger…

while riding the same moped…

almost exactly one year earlier.

Image Credit: GIPHY

#2. Dennis The Menaces

Image Credit: BBC America

Did you know that Hank Ketcham’s most famous character had a British counterpart that was published on the EXACT same day in the UK?

David Law’s Dennis the Menace hit newsstands in issue No. 452 of The Beano, a British comic mag. The date was March 17th, 1951. Ketcham’s Dennis dropped the very same day, although a bit later in the day, due to the time difference.

Once the two creators got wind of what had happened they saw no reason not to continue the comics in their respective countries and no lawsuits were filed. Both went on to become wildly popular, but when the Dennis The Menace movie came out in the UK, it was retitled to just Dennis to avoid confusion.