1. Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler and Alex and Donna Voutsinas

This is Nick Wheeler and Aimee Maiden. What a lovely couple!

They were married in 2014, but they had almost met 11 years earlier on Mousehole beach in West Cornwall, England.

Aimee  grew up near the beach in West Cornwall, but Nick’s family was visiting in 1994. Nick’s grandfather actually took the photo.

Here’s a closer look at it…


Nick and his family moved to West Cornwall the very next year, but he didn’t meet Aimee until college, where they fell in love.

After getting engaged, they were leafing through some family albums when they came across the photo, and Aimee noticed she was the girl in the background.

The couple planned to have their honeymoon in Florida.

So, what’s the big deal?

Meet Alex and Donna Voutsinas.

The two met, fell in love, and, just days before their wedding, they made the same astonishing discovery Nick and Aimee made.

This time, the setting was Disney World.

The year is 1980. That’s Donna in the foreground and Alex in the background. This time, Alex recognized his dad pushing his stroller.

So let’s go back to Nick and Aimee, the couple who got married in 2014 and went on a honeymoon to… Florida.

Where’s Disney World? Florida.

Nick and Aimee lived in England, but they came all the way across the Atlantic to the same state where Nick and Donna had their coincidental photo taken?!?!?!

Maybe fate is real after all.

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