This Waitress’ Epic Post After Customers Tip Her $0 Is Going Viral

I waited tables for a long time – through high school, college, summers, and a few months here and there after my divorce in my twenties – and let me tell you, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to tips. That being said, there is nothing more frustrating than working your butt off for […]

7 Facts About the World That Your Friends Don’t Already Know

Here’s a weird hodge-podge of facts to tell your friends about. Maybe start a conversation or something with them. Or not. It’s up to you. Enjoy: #7. Mail-swap Source #6. See you in the comments section… Source #5. The “real” world Source

Quiz: Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader? Find out with This Quiz.

From what I remember, most 3rd graders have to study geography of some sort. Actually, I’m pretty sure I spent more time on the states than on other countries. Regardless, I seriously doubt that most 3rd graders would get 10/10 on this quiz, so I don’t know where the author is coming from with that claim. […]

7 Movies that Sent People Running out of Theaters

There are occasional horror stories about a filmmaker’s vision coming to life so strongly on the big screen that it sends moviegoers running for cover – for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s too intense, or too sad, or maybe, like the recent Robert Zemeckis film The Walk, too barf-inducing. There were reports that the film, […]

The Lake So Deadly It Turns Animals into Ghost Statues

Lake Natron in Tanzania is a one-of-a-kind spot. With water at temperatures topping 140 degrees Fahrenheit, blood-red from the bacteria that inhabit it, and boasting a soda and salt content high enough to strip the ink off photographer Nick Brandt‘s Kodak boxes in a matter of seconds, it’s an environment like nowhere else in the world. […]


Quiz: Can You Guess the Film from the Bad Amazon Review?

This is a weird one. Sorry. That popped up when I searched “weird” on the Google, and I felt like I had to share. Anyhow, we were talking about this quiz… It’s not terribly difficult. But it’s definitely weird. …Unlike the above photo, which appears to be both difficult and weird. You’re basically going to […]

11 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets from the ‘Harry Potter’ Films

If you’re like me, you don’t even want to know people who claim to not have read or seen the Harry Potter series. It’s not possible that someone can claim such a thing and still have good taste in, well…anything. Right? If you’ve clicked on this link, though, you’re clearly good people. You want to know […]

Quiz: Can You Tell Which ‘90s TV Icon This is Based on the Hair?

I thought I was gonna do much better on this one than I did. The ’90s was my decade in a lot of ways: Yes, I totally wore pants like that. And, I may or may not have also tried to pull this look off: Before I may or may not have attempted to switch […]

4 Times Keith Richards Proved He’s Superhuman

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards must have super powers. How else could anyone explain his frequent brushes with death involving drug overdoses, motorcycle gangs, electrocution, and even bombs? (Yes. Bombs.) Richards may not have discovered the fountain of youth with his zombie-like appearance, but he has — drunkenly — stumbled upon something worth noting. We’ve […]

Quiz: When Did it Happen? In 1965 or 2015?

This quiz came out on MLK Day in 2015, but I feel like it’s still painfully relevant. This happened in 1965: That’s Ali dropping Liston like a bad habit. This also happened in 1965: That guy in the front being beaten by State Troopers is John Lewis. He was elected to Congress in 1986, and […]