From the files of my favorite (ie: the strangest and most spine-gripping) unsolved murders in history comes the odd, tragic tale of the Hinterkaifeck farmstead, home of the Gruber family.

Photo Credit: Larry’s 66 Diner

This creeptastic story is a tale of a murderous ghost…or possibly just a murderous person. In the days leading up to the 1922 murders in the German countryside, a slew of strange happenings took place around the Hinterkaifeck farm. A maid quit, claiming the house was haunted. They noticed footprints in the snow around the house, footsteps in the attic, and even found a newspaper in the home that no one had purchased. Keys went missing.

Not long after, neighbors realized they hadn’t seen anyone from the family lately and went to check on them – only to find all the Grubers dead. Most of them had been led to the barn and slaughtered there with some sort of axe, while the maid and youngest son were killed in their beds. The youngest daughter survived until a few hours after she was discovered, before finally succumbing to her wounds. She spent those last hours pulling out chunks of her hair.

The police never found the murderer, although they did surmise that he or she had spent time in the home after committing the heinous acts. There was smoke curling from the chimney and some food had recently been consumed.

The murders remain unsolved to this day. Chilling!