Say hello to Rob, the baby palm squirrel that will melt your heart, and Paul, the awesome dude who saved his life.

Aside from being incredibly lucky, Rob is probably the most famous squirrel on the planet right now. His entire, adorable existence is all thanks to filmmaker Paul Williams, who rescued him while he was filming a BBC wildlife series in Sri Lanka.

Somewhere along the line, Rob lost his mommy. He ended up in the middle of a hotel parking lot, and Paul found him lying cold and alone at 3:00 in the morning. He scooped him up and warmed him, then placed him up high in a nearby tree, hoping that his mom would come back for him. Paul waited all night, but in the morning, Rob was still there.

After searching the area with his crew and using a thermal camera to try and find some sign of a nest, Paul realized that Rob was officially homeless.  He didn’t have the heart to leave him alone to die, so he took him in and made him an honorary member of their crew.

cute baby squirrel
Paul carried Rob around in his shirt pocket…

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And fed him.

They went exploring…

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Then took naps.

They surfed the ‘net…

Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 4
Worked a little…

IMG_5032 Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 3
Had a ‘cuppa at tea time…

abandoned wild animals
Took more naps…

Paul Williams
Did some more working…

IMG_5050 IMG_5043Took naps…

Engaged in some climbing…Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 2

Enjoyed some sight-seeing…

Paul Williams Photography 9842173665_d1aae2ff44_b 9850726164_730313796c_b
Took even more naps…

Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 8
Stretched and yawned…

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Got some exercise…


Took another nap…

Worked again…

Took a LOT more naps…

baby palm squirrel

adorable rescued animals

Baby Palm Squirrel Rescued By Wildlife Filmmaker 1

And became best friends.

photo 4
Unfortunately, Paul couldn’t stay in Sri Lanka forever. It was time for him to return to the UK, and Rob wasn’t ready to be released into the wild just yet. Paul found a hotel that has a lot of habituated palm squirrels running around. They are tolerated and surrounded by people who are experienced with taking care of abandoned squirrel babies and then slowly releasing them.

Paul and Rob will really miss each other, but Rob is excited about the prospects of the hotel – they let their squirrels raid the tables after people have left for breakfast!


All pictures courtesy of Paul Williams via ironammonite