10 F’awesome Pokémon Gifts to Make the Trainer in Your Life Smile

So that Halloween event really seemed to get the Pokémon GO trainers back out there.

And with several holidays right around the corner, we’re all hoping that there will be many more events like it to come.

Of course, it also means that we’re now officially into the holiday shopping season.

So, now that we know the death of Pokémon GO was greatly exaggerated, we should probably start finding Poké-appropriate gifts for one-another:

#10. We need more power!

There are a ton of portable chargers out there, so, if you’re looking for speed and portability, this is not the droid you’re looking for:

Photo Credit: Amazon

But if you just want your fellow trainer to look cool while extending their Poké-sesh by about 4 more hours, then this might be the charger for you!

There are a ton of these on Amazon, and I dug around to find the one that got the best reviews and seemed the most reliable.

Photo Credit: Amazon

There are cheaper ones out there, if you’re looking for more of a gamble. I feel like you’re already leaning on novelty with this one, so you might as well get the best quality novelty.

Pokémon GO Power Bank 10000mAh External Battery with LED Light and Chain by Sunmy- $24.80

#9. Put a hat on it.

There are plenty of hat options out there, if you want to claim your team, but I really dig this one.

It’s clean with a little bit of splash.

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s a party on the bill, but business on the dome.

Pokemon Multi Character Snapback Hat by Novelty Poke Hats – $16.99

#8. Winter is coming! (I had to)

Don’t let winter keep your favorite trainer from snagging that candy.

Hook them up with this hoodie:

Photo Credit: Amazon

Unisex Long Sleeve Hoodies Costume by LunaJany – $16.99

#7. Pikachu will keep your head, neck and/or hands warm.

It’s a hat! It’s a scarf! It’s mittens! It’s Pikachu!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Those awesome fuzzy mitts will keep your hands and phone warm and ready to catch that mid-blizzard Pidgey.

Or you can use the long part as a scarf, if you want to look like you’re being strangled in the cutest way possible.

Varied Animal Hat Gloves Scarf 3 In 1 Set -Costume Hood Toy by Pulama – $16.99

#6. Training wheels!

This aim-assist device gets a 5-star review from both a 65-year-old late-adapter and a reviewer who bought it for their granddaughter.


Photo Credit: Amazon

So those are probably the sweet spots you’re dealing with on this gift: the young or the old.

Everybody in-between has too much ego.

I, for instance, have no desire to advertise my lack of aiming skills by using this device, but people who don’t feel my secret shame seem to think this saved them from losing a lot of balls.

Which does sound nice, honestly.

Plus, it comes in all three team colors, along with the classic white:


Photo Credit: Amazon

Premium Quality Pokemon Go Aim Assist by JAIS – $7.49

#5. Gotta study ’em all!

My son snagged one of these at a school book fair a couple years back:

Photo Credit: Amazon

Now my wife and I use it to study types, evolution, and possible names for an unexpected second child.

If Pokémon GO is your first foray into the universe, it will definitely do you (or a fellow newbie trainer) some good to learn about the creatures you’re trying to catch.

And it’ll get you all gamed up should you decide to cross over into the video or card game.

Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook: The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 700 Pokémon by Scholastic – $7.19

#4. It’s in the cards.

If the trainer in your life also plays the trading-card game, then you can’t go wrong with an Elite Trainer Box:


Photo Credit: Amazon

If they (or you) have never played, you might be better off purchasing a theme deck or two, but trainer boxes are almost always a better bang for your buck.

This one comes with 8 Steam Siege booster packs, which will give you 80 random cards.

Yes, there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything amazing, but random booster packs are the best way to get the best cards.

As with most Elite Trainer Boxes, this one also comes with 65 card sleeves, 45 energy cards, dice, and acrylic condition markers to replace the crappy cardboard ones that come in theme decks.

This will also come with a code that will give you 8 booster packs in the online version of the game, which is free to play and f’awesome.

TCG: XY Steam Siege Elite Trainer Box Card Game by Pokémon – $39.95

#3. Go back to the future with Sun and Moon.

You know this whole thing started out as a video game right?

If the trainer in your life plays, then they definitely want Nintendo’s upcoming Sun and Moon editions:

Photo Credit: Amazon

It doesn’t come out until November 18, but if you’re expecting to be able to find it on shelves that day, you might be disappointed.

Why not pre-order it right now?

Pokémon Sun – Nintendo 3DS Sun Edition by Nintendo – $31.99

Pokémon Moon – Nintendo 3DS Moon Edition by Nintendo – $31.99

#2. Is there a more perfect franchise for a crossover?

Aren’t you essentially trying to build a monopoly when you try to “catch ’em all?”

Then why not snag the Pokémon edition of Monopoly?

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s also a great way to indoctrinate all of those Poké-haters out there.

MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition by USAoloply – $31.99

#1. But what if Poké-books seem like too much effort and they hate Monopoly?

Maybe that Pokémon handbook isn’t for everyone.

It’s certainly not as fun as playing any of the different Pokémon games.

And I can definitely sympathize with anyone who feels like Monopoly is basically just a slog, wasting time that you’ll never get back.

(My solution to that problem has been to have a penny that moves a space every time somebody rolls a one. Once that penny gets all the way around the board, the game is over. Count the money, crown a winner. Boom – you’re welcome!)

If laborious isn’t your thing, then play this Pokémon version of Hedbanz instead:

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’ll be like studying that handbook without all the pesky reading.

And you’ll get to know all the types of pocket monsters while having fun and staying warm.


Pokemon Hedbanz Game by Cardinal – $16.93

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