I’m not one of those people who spends my time at the movies searching for mistakes, but they are pretty fun to look into when you have the time and the DVD extras. In that spirit, here are 10 goofs you probably didn’t notice in the backgrounds of these pretty famous films:

#10. That’s one awkward kick, Luke Skywalker! And wth is Boba Fett doing in the background?

Photo Credit: Disney

#9. Whoops. Pretty sure Jack wouldn’t have had a hand to hold onto that door after all…

Photo Credit: Paramount

#8. I’m not sure that’s a really real knife.

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

#7. Wait, what? Chris Martin from Coldplay??

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

#6. Well, I mean. Who’s looking at the windows during that scene?

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

#5. Considering the movie (Year One), it’s like the goat was perfectly cast.

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

#4. How did I never notice this?

Photo Credit: MGM

#3. Mistake? Or maybe he’s so good that no one noticed him putting down his wine glass and grabbing a plate of food.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

#2. I can’t believe no one noticed this sprinkler…

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

#1. Pirate cowboy!

Photo Credit: Disney

h/t: Diply

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