Wikipedia is a deep, dark hole that, and even when you go in with the best of intentions, it is often an impressive time suck. You just keep clicking and clicking, going deeper and deeper in until you have no idea how you got there or how to get out.

But if you stumble on one of these pages, you’ll totally want to.

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If you’re a) an adult, b) into creepy, disturbing, weird crap that displays the absolute worst parts of humanity, and c) AN ADULT then this list is definitely right up your (effed up) alley.

#10. The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Maura went missing in 2004, and her case is full of all sorts of weird, fascinating things, like abandoned cars, odd phone calls, and faked family deaths you’ll have to read to believe.

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#9. Fred and Rosemary West

These creeps were seriously deranged serial killers who took the lives of at least 10 young women – some of them their own daughters – in ways we definitely can’t detail on our site.

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#8. Armin Meiwes

When a man with a cannibal fetish meets his match online…

#7. Black-Eyed Children

These paranormal beings trick you into stopping to help them (they’re children! alone!) on the side of the road, at your doorstep, etc and then, well…nothing good.

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#6. Charles Domery

If you’ve ever thought it would be amazing to be able to eat whatever you want and never feel full/fat, well, you might want to read this as a cautionary tale. Domery was always hungry and would eat literally anything. His case remains a medical mystery to this day.

#5. Joyce Vincent

This poor woman was dead in her apartment for three years before her body was discovered.

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#4. David Parker Ray

I had never heard of this particular nutjob, but reading about how he kidnapped his victims and what he subjected them to before their deaths will certainly keep you up and night…and not in a fun way.

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#3. Project MKUltra

This CIA mind-control project is the inspiration for Stranger Things.

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#2. June and Jennifer Gibson (The “Silent Twins”)

These girls are as weird as it gets – they only ever spoke to each other, lived a life of crime, and did time in a mental institution (several years). In the end, one killed herself so that her sister could live a normal life. Whatever that means.

#1. Comprehensive List Of Unusual Deaths

They keep it updated, so you’ll always have something to go back to.

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