Yeah, yeah, I know how hot the sun actually is (okay, not really, but I know it’s hotter than the 115 degrees, or whatever). I feel, however, that it’s been so ridiculously hot in Phoenix this spring and summer that a bit of hyperbole is warranted. Agree or disagree, but I’m writing the article, so I guess I win.

That, however, is not what this list is about. It’s about the sweltering people of Phoenix literally taking to the street to see what shit will melt on it (it can reach temperatures of 168 degrees) now that they’re slowly cooking like a hog over an open pit. And you guys…a surprising number of objects will just melt in those temperatures. Also? A few weird things just flat out refuse to work in the extreme heat.

Check these out.

10. The paint on street signs is melting

Photo Credit: Reddit/azhomie

9. You know it’s hot when you need to water your cactus

Photo Credit: Twitter,PeterCorbett1

8. Even the scorpions are committing suicide

Photo Credit: Twitter,CBS5AZ

7. I guess being able to bake cookies anytime, anywhere could be seen as an upside

6. I feel like this is kind of what you get for buying a cheap plastic mailbox

Photo Credit: Reddit/imnoidiot15

5. Airplanes have legit been grounded

Photo Credit: Twitter, WIRED

4. PSA: If the pavement is upwards of 160 degrees, it’s too hot for puppy paws

Photo Credit: Twitter, Gizmodo

3. Okay, not something melting, but it’s funny, so…

Photo Credit: Twitter, Adam_Myers99

2. They’re out of colors. It looks like the actual map is catching on fire.

Photo Credit: MLive

1. Time to stop your mail delivery

Photo Credit: Twitter, lensjb

h/t: Bored Panda

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