Giving gifts is difficult, but sometimes receiving them can be even harder. Check out these 11 AskReddit users who shared the worst gifts they have ever received…some are pretty unbelievable.

1. Secret Santa

For a secret Santa I received two of those free promotional tickets to the science museum that had already expired.

2. Fail

Received a digital picture frame for Christmas from my boyfriend at the time, 2 years into our relationship. Turned it on, and it had pictures of him and his ex loaded on it… Regifting fail.

3. Table manners

When I was 10, a family friend asked what I wanted for Christmas. I was tactful enough to tell her, “eh, whatever, it doesn’t matter. She said “What about Legos?” I was like “wow, that would be great!! Thanks!”
She gave me a copy of Tiffany’s Book of Table Manners.
Apparently I did something to piss her off at dinner, still not sure what.

4. Impending death

I received a goldfish for my 22nd birthday, without anything to put it in or feed it.

5. Surprise!

I was out of town for a few days for work and got a text from my wife as I was pulling into the neighborhood that there was a “surprise for me” waiting outside. I pulled up to see a gorgeous, fully restored 1957 Chevy 3100 sitting in my spot. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been looking for a pickup and my wife knew I liked classic cars, but this was insane. Just as I got out of my car to check it out, my son’s friend and his dad who was coming to pick him up in his ’57 Chevy walked off my porch. My youngest came outside and said, “Daddy! Do you like your surpise??” And pointed to a “welcome home dad” drawing he had taped to the door. I have never felt worse in my life for trying to play up a scribbled drawing as the best surprise ever. I can’t say I didn’t love his surprise and I definitely can’t say it was a bad gift, but it definitely was the biggest misconception of all time, haha.

6. …come on

I went on a cruise in the Caribbean and brought my Dad back a bottle of spice rum with the spices in the bottle.
A couple of months later, my dad regifted me the exact same bottle for my birthday. He gave me this whole schpiel about where he found it and how special it was. I waited until he was done to remind him where he actually got it.

7. Regifting

My mom once gifted me an elephant bookmark that she received as a wedding favour for a wedding I was an actual bridesmaid in. Now I have two elephant bookmarks I guess.

8. What?

When I was born my grandma gave me a bikini size 10. She never gave me another present after that, because she claims my parents were ungrateful bastards.

9. Jam session

My grandmother got my 14 year old brother an N Sync CD. He was not into them at all. At the time he was really into R&B and rap.
Apparently she went to some music store and asked the guy what kind of music 14 year old boys liked, and for some reason the dude handed her an N Sync CD. My brother is the most polite kid on the planet, so he thanked her and tried to put it away so he could return it.
Nope – Grandma grabbed it back from him and opened it up. His face got redder as she tore the plastic off. She was dancing to N Sync and was like “wow I can see why you like them so much” as I bit my tongue to keep from laughing.
Gotta hand it to my brother – he was super polite and thankful and never once let on that he was disappointed. And he was able to sell the CD to some girl he knew in school.

10. Double wammy

I love my dad dearly, but one Christmas he got me “The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over”, which is I guess a live Eagles reunion concert. Throughout my life I had expressed zero interest in the Eagles. I don’t hate them, per se; I just have no interest in them, so the gift was pretty baffling, but whatever.
The very next Christmas, I go to open a small, DVD-shaped package, and it is the exact same fucking DVD. I thought it was a prank at first, but his earnest expression means he had literally no recollection of buying it for me the year before.
So now I have two of these fucking things that I can’t throw away because they’re gifts, and I know my dad meant well.

11. Secret Santa 2.0

Secret Santas can be the worst with the wrong people. Our friend group had one a few years back with a $20 limit. I got my friend a glass beer boot. When he opened it, it was like holding his newborn child in his hands, he was so grateful. I didn’t get anything and never found out who my secret Santa was since there were a few people who “forgot”.
It’s not the first time I’ve been burned by secret Santa, but since it’s about the joy of giving, I go into every one expecting a shit gift or nothing in return.

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