Is there anything Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie CAN’T do? If you answered, “Tell the future,” well, you’re wrong. Apparently, the show actually a pretty good track record at predicting future events. Just last week, Disney bought most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, something the show predicted back in 1998The Simpsons also had a show all the way back in 2000 where Donald Trump was president.


Here are 11 instances when the show eerily made predictions that came true.

1. The Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack

A 1993 episode showed Gunter and Ernst, obviously stand-ins for the famous Las Vegas showmen Siegfried and Roy, attacked by one of their tigers. Unfortunately, in 2003 Roy Horn was brutally mauled by a tiger on stage.

2. The Don Mattingly Hair Scandal

A 1992 episode had the evil Mr. Burns loading his corporate softball team with professional baseball players. Poor Don Mattingly got booted from the team by burns for having long hair. A month after recording his lines for The Simpsons, Mattingly was fined $250 by the Yankees for refusing to cut his hair.

3. Horse Meat

Ewwwwwww. A 1994 episode had Lunchlady Doris preparing student lunches with huge tubes of horse meat. Fast forward to 2013: food producers in France, Sweden, and the UK were caught red-handed distributing frozen food that contained horse meat.

4. A Nobel Prize Winner

We all know Milhouse is in love with Lisa. In a 2010 episode, he tried to win Lisa over by showing her a prediction sheet of who would win the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics (that always works, right?). He picked Bengt Holmstrom of MIT. Guess what happened in 2016? Holmstrom was a joint winner of the prize.

5. FIFA Corruption Scandal

Photo Credit: Fox

Homer petitioned the head of an unknown soccer league in a 2014 episode to better their image after it was accused of corruption. Homer was led away in handcuffs. FIFA was rocked by a corruption scandal in 2015. Homer strikes again!

6. The Lemon Tree Thief

Bart and his pals were perplexed when a lemon tree was stolen from Springfield in a 1995 episode. In 2013, a woman in Texas was similarly confused when her own lemon tree was stolen. Too bad for the thieves, however, because it was too late in the season to plant the tree elsewhere.

7. Baby Translator

Remember Herb, Homer’s half-brother? Well, in a 1992 episode, good ol’ Herb’s baby translating device became a huge hit. Fast forward to 2015, an app called the Infant Cries Translator gained some attention when it supposedly converted children’s incoherent speech into words.

8. Those Poor Snakes

Photo Credit: Fox

1993’s “Whacking Day” is one of the best episodes in the long history of The Simpsons. In it, the annual snake hunting and killing festival in Springfield angers animal-lover Lisa. Florida (shocker) implemented something similar in 2013 and 2016 with the “Florida Python Challenge.”

9. Cooking Grease Heists

Groundskeeper Willie foiled Bart and Homer’s attempt to steal cooking grease from the school cafeteria in a 1999 episode. In 2008, the New York Times said “fryer grease has become gold” after a clever burglar siphoned more than 2,500 gallons of the sticky stuff from a Burger King and other businesses in California.

10. Three-Eyed Fish

Springfield’s polluted waters bred a three-eyed fish named Blinky that Bart fished out of a lake in a 1990 episode. A fisherman in Argentina caught a three-eyed fish in 2011 in a reservoir near a nuclear power station. Sound familiar?

11. Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

The singer and pop culture icon starred as herself in a 2012 episode and soared over Springfield in a harness during a performance. Lady Gaga pulled off the same move during 2017’s Super Bowl. Coincidence? I think not…

h/t: Mental Floss