Everyone with a heart loves animals, right? And babies? Forgetaboutit. They’re all adorable, even ones like opossums that grow into ugly adults.

These babies, though? You might never have heard of them before, and you’ve almost definitely never seen them. Which is a shame, because they rate pretty darn high on the adorable scale. You’ll see.

#12. Baby Elephant Shrew

You’ll never think of a shrew in the same light again.

#11. Baby Axolotl

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

I have no idea what this is, but it looks like it belongs in the Fantastic Beasts briefcase.

#10. Patagonian Mara Babies

Photo Credit: Zooborns

Are they rabbits? Kangaroos? WHO CARES.

#9. Southern Pudu Fawn

Photo Credit: WCS.org

Even cuter than a regular fawn. WHO KNEW?

#8. Baby Sugar Glider

Photo Credit: Reddit

Cutest name, cutest tail.

#7. Baby Fennec Fox

Photo Credit: Flickr

I need one of these. Immediately.