I have never used a metal detector – but I have always wanted to. I know that the chances of finding anything incredible are pretty small (though these 12 AskReddit stories are making me rethink that…), but come on! It’s basically treasure hunting in your own backyard. And if you aren’t into treasure hunting, then what are you into??

1. “The best in town”

This happened to my best friend. She lost her ring the day after she was proposed to at the beach in Los Angeles. She was crying and asked the lifeguard tower if there was anything they could do. They gave her a number to this metal detector guy named Harry. They said he was the best in town and not to call anyone else. So they give him a ring and he’s there 20 minutes later with his metal detector. Old tan dude with long beach hair. Took him 5 minutes to find the ring. She offered to give him $200 cash. He said no thank you. Their happiness was enough for him!

2. “That day I was a hero”

My father-in-laws gold wedding ring that he had lost almost 15 years before.

I had detected the crap out of the area that he told he had lost it in. Found literally dozens and dozens of pieces of junk over hours and hours of detecting and digging. Digging in clay. Sometimes digging deep. Every hit I get I pull something out. So my machine is working despite me being a rank noob.

In the end, I don’t find it, so of course I get the disappointed look and comments about my machine not working very well, with the obvious implication in the air that I failed. Now, I’m kinda pissed at myself and frustrated already, so yeah, I feel like crap about it.

A year or two go by and I decide to detect the garden area to kill some time and mess around with my detector on a nice fall day. The garden area is well over 200 feet away from the spot he had pointed to initially, (their acreage is just under 8 acres), so I wasn’t really looking for the ring. But you never know, eh?

So instead of doing a grid like you would when you seriously want to cover every inch of ground, because the garden is about 200 feet by about 50 feet and I was just pissing around, I just let my intuition lead me in a meandering route. I find a couple of pieces of junk and then I pull a gold-looking ring out of the ground. This is about 10 minutes into detecting.

I call my wife over and ask her if it’s her dad’s ring. Frankly it looked thinner and smaller than I expected. She calls her mom over and her mom almost starts crying. They call him over and he almost starts crying.

That day I was the hero. Very cool. For me anyways.

That’s how you get addicted to metal detecting.

3. Very Valuable Find

Coolest thing I found was a silver button weighing 2.1 gram from 1780’s or so the history behind it is amazing. But let me tell you something my dad metal detects too and because of schoolwork I couldn’t go with him for the day. The guy find a golden coin who was otherwise unknown. It is a coin so rare that it’s strange, coin is from around 1560 if you know Dutch history you know that the 80 year war against the Spanish the coin was taxed with a some kind of staple this staple was also never used before. He sold it and got enough money to pay for my tuition.

4. Wedding Band

My husband had to rent a metal detector when he lost his wedding band in the backyard. He was chopping/stacking logs and took off his gloves for something and it must have been flung out during that. Good news is that he found it almost right away in a pile of leaves.