Calling all high school grads, college grads, or those finally leaving the coop. Take some advice from those who have been there and done that. These 12 tips are pretty darn useful!

1. Money matters

Make a budget and really keep track of what you’re spending your money on.

2. Or starve

learn to cook

3. Solid wisdom

Don’t get crazy and try to furnish your apartment in one go. Those things take time.
Dollar Store is your best friend, as well as the Salvation army, Savers, etc.
ALWAYS have your rent money. When I was in college, I’d take it out of my paycheck and put it in a drawer so I wouldn’t spend it.
Learn to cook, way cheaper.
Clean throughout the week so weekends are ruined, and if you ever have a guest over or romantic encounter spring up on you, you don’t have to worry that you can some nasty pans and fruit flies in your sink.
Cut electricity (if you have a dryer) and hang your wet clothes till they are dry. A damp towel will get the wrinkles out and cut down drying in half the time, or half of your quarters if you go to the launder mat.
Just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean you need to get a pet that you’ve always wanted. Pets take time, training, and are expensive.
If possible get to know your neighbors. My neighbors will walk my dog if I can’t come home, watch over my place, grab my mail, and kind of act like a neighborhood watch.
Make sure before you purchase something it’s a need and not a want.
Budget, stick to it.
With everything available online now days, cut cable and just get internet (if possible)
Get outside. It can get pretty lonely especially in the winter months when it’s dark all the time. If you don’t leave your apartment it’s pretty easy to slip into seasonal depression, start eating like shit, have bad habits, and become a mess.
Have an emergency fund in case your car takes a shit, you lose your job, etc.
If throwing parties, keep your neighbors in mind. Not only on a quiet level but as an invitation as well.

4. This is key

Buy a toilet plunger before you need one.

5. Whoda thunk

Make sure you have a moving budget to purchase supplies.
You’d be surprised the stuff that you need on a day-to-day basis that you don’t own yet.
Simple things like garbage cans, towels, lamps, and kitchen stuff that you take for granted everyday.

6. Financial goals

Your first financial objective is to save up at least enough money to pay all your bills for six months.
Getting there sucks ass, but you’ll be so, so happy to have that tucked away for the hard times. Because the hard times are coming, ready or not.

7. Lower expectations

Save your money, make sure you have enough that you can be on your own and not rely on anyone.
If you’re living with a roommate automatically lower your expectations of them regardless of how long you may have known them because people will let you down and it’s up to you to bridge the gap.
Pay your bills on time, argue with some service providers for a lower bill cause it works more often than not.
Only buy sale items from the supermarket and learn to cook.
Be careful who you invite into your home because they are a reflection of you and you will have assumptions made about who you are based on the company you keep.

8. Yes it does

Get a place very close to your workplace, if possible. Commuting sucks.

9. Core group

I just recently started living on my own a few months ago and I’d say find people who you can hang out with regularly and do boring shit with. It’s easy to get in a rut when you haven’t made plans and end up sitting at home all day. Parties and big social events are great, but you need to form a strong core group of friends who you can see at a moment’s notice.

10. That stuff ain’t cheap

Food is a huge part of your budget and most people don’t realize how easy it is to overspend on it. Find a balance of grocery shopping and eating out that works for you within your budget and realize that the little things add up.

11. This

Get a crockpot

12. And making it doesn’t

Make the bed.
The rest will come naturally.

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