We know all of the classics (Monopoly, Life, Risk, Clue), and maybe you and yours have even forgone the old standbys in favor of things like your XBox or Wii – but what if I told you that people are still out there, creating new board games to engage you and your family?

Well, it’s totally true.

Everyone loves a board game, and time without screens can be pretty amazing, too, right?


Take a look at the list below and maybe order a couple to try the next time you’re all snowed in at home!

#12. Mysterium

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I legit love this game. It’s a mix of the classic Clue and the 2010 award-winner Dixit, with the object being to follow the clues given by a ghost in a haunted mansion (one player) in order to solve the mystery of what happened to them.

#11. Scythe

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This nicely illustrated steampunk version of 1920s Eastern Europe can take up to 5 players, who compete for prestige, resources, and territorial control. Outright warfare is punished, so make sure to bring your thinking cap!

#10. Spaceteam

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Think you can assemble a spaceship on a time crunch with 6 or more of your friends? Give it a go, but if you live in an apartment or have cranky neighbors, consider yourself warned – it can get loud.

#9. Elysium

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This game of cards, set in ancient Greece, has you gathering the best combos of epic powers, items, and loyalties of various gods and heroes in an attempt to forge the greatest legend at the table.

#8. Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

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Where are all of my history nerds? This one’s for you – it’s 54 BCE, and the resistance in what will one day become France is rising up to fight the occupying Romans. The game involves responding to real historical events with options of war, politics, or diplomacy.

#7. Codenames

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Any family that loves spy games and intrigue, this one’s for you – you must interpret elusive and clever clues in order to catch the spy!

#6. Thunder and Lightning

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Comic book lovers and mythology geeks unite! This game pits the Norse gods Loki and Thor against each other in an epic battle – the decks are unique to each god and evenly matched, so it all depends on how well you use them. Two players only.

#5. Pandemic

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If you’re like me, obsessed with anything epidemic centered (zombies, disease, whatever), then you’ll love this cooperative game. 2-4 players work together to stop a worldwide outbreak of a brand new infectious disease before everyone dies.

#4. Star Wars: Rebellion

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I know you’re a fan, but if you’re a fan who also happens to have 5-6 hours of free time (Monopoly has nothing on this game!), you can take charge either of the rebellion or the Galactic Empire in this battle between light and dark. Super fun, but rule-heavy with a steep learning curve.

#3. Tiny Epic Galaxies

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In a world of increasingly complex and long-running games, finding one that’s super fun and can also be completed in about 30 minutes counts as a huge win. It’s a dice game that sort of reminds me of Yahtzee, except instead of earning dots, you take over planets. Totally awesome.

#2. Secret Hitler

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It’s Liberals against Fascists, but while the Fascists can work together to enact policies or try to elect the secret Hitler, the Liberals are left wondering who might be on their side. You won’t regret this purchase!

#1. Forbidden Stars

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If you’re into strategy-heavy war games that involve hours upon hours of gameplay before you can determine a winner, you’ve got to check this one out. This game is set in a brutal space dystopia and pits you and up to 3 friends against each other as warring factions in pursuit of interstellar domination.