Most people have heard of the Make-A-Wish foundation, a great organization that grants wishes to terminally ill children. But what if there were a Make-A- Curse foundation? An organization that would grant an evil service (excluding murder) to terminally ill adults seeking revenge.

These 13 AskReddit users give us some of the curses they would ask for, and they are delightfully vicious. I mean, taste buds where?

1. Every waiter ever

Someone asks them a question any time they take a bite or sip of something.

2. That just sucks

Get the biggest boner in the most awkward and humiliating situations and only get a half boner when they actually want one.

3. Error

All critical emails, mail and other indirect correspondence simply wouldn’t reach their intended recipients. Mundane stuff would go through as usual though so rather than being able to identify the curse, the target would merely feel alone and ignored in the world.

4. Oops

Anytime they try to poop, they just fart. Whenever they try to just let a simple fart out, they poop

5. Perfect timing

Random people would come up to them while they are around coworkers/family/people who matter and say things like:
“Wasn’t that orgy wild? Hope to see you at the next one!”
“Hey, what is that herpes medicine that you use called?”
“Where are your seats for the Nickleback concert?”

6. Trench Foot

All of their socks are permanently damp.

7. Torture

Show them what would have happened if they said ‘yes’ all those years ago…