Cleaning is a chore, and it pretty much sucks until it’s over, and for most people, anything that makes it go by faster is MUCH appreciated. These 14 people shared tips on how to make cleaning easier and faster so you can get on with the rest of your life.

Try a few and let us know how it worked for you in the comments!

1. Good point

Someone pointed out that clutter usually accumulates in the same places just out of laziness. So instead of changing my habits I just accommodate for them:
My junk mail always ended up on a particular end table. So I threw a decorative basket under the table as a recycling bin.
I have a bar in the dining room but no trash can, so bottle tops ended up laying around. Bought a cute little bucket that sits on the bar with the bottle openers. Now even during parties the bartop stays clean because it’s so convenient.

2. Don’t Wipe

Don’t just wipe mold, you have to kill it with fire.
Just kidding. Use alcohol, vinegar or a mold killing paint.

3. Repeat

Stand in the doorway. What’s the biggest eye sore? Clean it. Repeat.

4. And for the smell?

“Vinegar will clean almost everything; baking soda will take care of the rest.”

5. I need to take this advice

Don’t just put it down, put it away.

6. To the store we go

Barkeeper’s Friend on a scotch brite pad will work wonders on pots and pans that have minor burnt-on stuff. Carbon Off will take care of really burnt-on stuff.

7. Thats it?

Magic erasers are just melamine sponges. You can get a 12 pack of melamine sponges for as much as one name brand Magic Eraser. They’re awesome.

8. Preventative

Rub waxed paper on the faucets. It prevents water spots.

9. Multitasking

Clean while dinner is on the stove, do the dishes and wipe the counter top, sweep the floor etc. most of the time you only have to occasionally stir stuff so it can be a big time saver, not to mention no one likes to clean after eating.

10. Wash afterwards

To clean ceiling fans, put a pillow case over the blades, and then slide them off – it’ll pull the dust/debris back inside of the case.
(edit – i personally just empty out the pillow case into the bin afterwards, and then wash it, and it’s fine?)

11. Just a large dish

Treat your sink as a dish. When you get the dishes out of it, clean it.

12. At least

Baseboards and walls need cleaned at least twice a year, otherwise they collect dirt and dust and your whole house just looks slightly grimy.

13. Marathon in the making

Half-assing it is better than not doing it at all. And it still counts! Better to half ass it every day than let it build and have to marathon clean one weekend a month.
In that vein, if you can get around it, don’t tidy your room in such a way that if you were to run out of fucks in the middle of it and stop, everything would be worse than before. That is, don’t put things in piles to put away here and there. Put each thing away as you make the decision. It seems like more work, but having run out of fucks in the middle of this process many times I have to say it’s worth it to not end up with a bunch of piles of random shit spread out further than they were to begin with.

14. Might be the best tip of them all

Thoroughly clean your bathroom when a girl is coming over. They notice a dirty toilet. All the other mess can be chopped up to “i’ve been busy lately”

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