Some funny, some sad, all worth the read. These scenarios shared with the Reddit world will make you evaluate everything you thought was awkward in your life.

No matter how awkward you thought your thing was, it probably wasn’t this bad.

For real – take a look.

1. Hangman

My sophomore year of high school, a freshman from my 1st period history class committed suicide (hung himself from a tree). That morning none of us knew what to do, and our teacher wasn’t conducting class as usual, so we just sat quietly contemplating our classmate’s empty seat.
Finally our teacher said, “Okay guys. Let’s talk about something. Or we can play a game if you’d like..”

Girl in the second row perks up, “we can play hangman!” …then burst into tears a moment later.

It was awful.

2. Happy ending

I was at my girlfriend’s house (now wife), and was sitting in the garage smoking a cigarette while she went in for beverages. We were both 18 at the time, still in high school. I was sitting in a chair at the entrance of the garage, looking out into the woods when she went into the house through the door behind me. I didn’t know anybody else was home, as there were no cars in the driveway. Well I hear the door open behind me, so I casually exclaim “Get over here, I’m wanna pull down those pants and spank that fine ass right now!”

I turn my head, and to my horror, I discover it was her father, who was coming out to say hi to me. We both stared at each other, jaws dropped, speechless. After a few seconds, he turned around without saying a word, and walked back inside. We have never spoken of this since.

3. Tourist stuff

Ok, this one just happened a few weeks ago. My wife and I were visiting her family and house sitting/baby sitting for her sister who was away for the weekend. While there, a group of family members were hanging out at the sister’s house. Well, there was a digital camera just sitting on the kitchen counter. I pick it up and we (me, wife, bother) start flipping through pictures of this sister’s recent vacation.

There is picture after picture of Washington D.C., pictures of her kid, tourist stuff, then, BLAM! Full spread eagle shot of sister. Reflexively, I skip to the next picture and it’s one of sister bent over, ass to the camera. Oh, God, no! Everyone let out shocked exclamations and I shut the camera off. It was hilarious, awkward and disgusting.

4. Lol

Gave the Heimlich manoeuvre to a random girl at a house party because somebody said “shit she’s choking!”. Turns out she was just laughing really hard at the time.

5. OH NO

I was standing around in my bathing suit when my friend’s younger sister reached down to grab what she thought was a string hanging off my bikini. It was my tampon. She pulled it out and held it up for everyone to see before she realized what it was.

6. You gotta know your audience, man.

I was in a film editing class and the professor was having a miserable time with the equipment, so finally, in exasperation he asked the class to start telling jokes to kill time while he fiddled with things. No one volunteered at first, then I tentatively said I had a joke but I probably shouldn’t say it. He’s insists that we’re all adults, so I shrug, decide it’s rather tame, and go for it:

“What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeves?” Eyes widen around me, I continue… “Christopher Walken, heh…” Suddenly it dawns on me.
I had completely forgotten I was sitting next to the one tube-breathing, chin-steering paraplegic in the entire film program. I turned slowly, horrified, to look at him. He inhaled mechanically, then let out a small chuckle.

What a good sport. I spent the rest of the class sunk deep into my chair.

7. Awkward on Awkward

My friend slept with a girl, jizzed inside and didn’t have a condom. Yes he’s stupidly reckless.

So he doesn’t have a car and neither does she. So he asks me to pick her up and drive her to the pharmacy so she can get the morning after pill. So I pull up at her house and I introduce my self.

Driving there you can hear crickets and there’s just such an uncomfortable tension in the car so I start cracking some jokes. And instead of laughing she says “This is so awkward”. It felt like awkward was a person and punched me in the stomach.

I mean it was super awkward for me but I can only imagine how bad it was for her. I bet she felt like a total hoe, being picked up by a stranger to buy her a morning after pill because a stranger that picked her up at a bar jizzed in side of her.