I wouldn’t have had a clue how to best capture the eclipse on my phone or camera, so I absolutely love the fact that so many people did – and that the photographs came out almost as stunning as watching totality with my own two (safely covered) eyes.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get to see it last month, or you did and want to relive the awesomeness, check out these 14 amazing pictures of a pretty rare event.

14. Super cool shot of the eclipse shadows

13. Those clouds. Swoon.

Photo Credit: Reddit,osux

12. Beautiful

Photo Credit: Reddit,BWeidlichPhoto

11. Not a total eclipse in NYC, but any shot with the Empire State Building is okay by me

10. This has NO Photoshop, y’all

Photo Credit: Facebook,Ted Hesser

9. Another pretty shot of totality

Photo Credit: Instagram,karl_shakur

8. The shades of this one are so different and special

Photo Credit: Instagram,alexstrohl

7. I can’t even fathom the timing it took to catch this with only moments to work with

6. The colors, though

Photo Credit: Instagram,mindz.eye

5. A time lapse of the eclipse across Oregon

4. When the clouds almost ruin things but end up making the shot extra cool instead

Photo Credit: Instagram,bryanminear

3. Just WOW, from Jackson, Wyoming

Photo Credit: Instagram,jimmy_chin

2. Another one from Oregon

1. The “diamond ring” was my favorite part

h/t: Bored Panda

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