My parents like to tell the story of how my younger brother called his bathing suit a “bailing suit” until he was 9. Honestly, I think at a certain point he knew it was wrong, but just kept doing it to be stubborn. Also, 9-years-old is young enough that it’s still totally acceptable to be making dumb mistakes like that.

A lot of these AskReddit users…well, let’s just say they don’t have nearly as good an excuse as my little brother.

1. LOL, come on!

When I learned that you don’t need to hold down both shift buttons to type a capital letter.

2. *smh*

The day that I didn’t have any clean plates and had to put my spaghetti in a bowl.

My God it is so much easier to eat spaghetti out of a bowl.

3. It’s not

I used to think it was Denz L. Washington. Like Samuel L. Jackson.

4. That seems like their fault

I work at a dollar store. When I was trained they told me that if an item doesn’t scan, just scan another. What they didn’t tell me was that I had to write down what the item was on the list of tasks they give me every day. Got about 4 months in when I was training a new person and my manager was strolling by as I was explaining this part to her.

He mentioned that I didn’t write down the item description. I played it off as a one time mistake. But damn, I probably messed up hundreds of units of inventory, maybe more.

5. …no

I was embarrassingly old when I realized that you push the elevator button for the direction you want to go.

I thought you should push the direction the elevator should move to get to you. It was a really stupid system since I had to guess where it was.

And I’m not talking 5 or 10. I was maybe 15 before my brain caught up with the elevator.

6. Even that’s frequent.

You don’t have to wash your pants everyday?!

Seriously – I grew up in a house where you put your jeans in the hamper after one wear. My mom did the laundry so it was no skin off my back.

While living in the dorms in college, I realized the norm is 3-5 wears. Now I wear two pairs in a week and wash them both Sunday night.

7. I can relate to this more than I would like…

You can turn the shower on before you get in it. I would turn the water on, then get in the shower, turn the nozzle to activate the shower and jump back to try (and usually fail) to avoid a blast of cold water which was quite unpleasant early in the morning.

My family looked at me like I was an idiot when I finally figured it out at 21.

8. Yup…

That if I close a tab by accident, I can just Ctrl + Shift + T and recover it. I used to actually go the history page of Firefox/Chrome and look for it there just to reopen it.

9. I didn’t know this.

Deodorant/Antiperspirant. For the past three years my armpits sweat so much that I would have to change my shirt every hour or two, no matter the temperature. One day I headed to the bathroom to take a poop but forgot my phone. I reached for the nearest thing, a stick of deodorant, and read the back. “APPLY AT NIGHT TIME ONLY.”

That was a real WTF for me so I looked it up. Turns out Deodorant/anti perspirant is a night time thing because your body produces less sweat when you sleep, allowing the deodorant to soak into your pores. I rarely sweat under my arms now.

10. Not-So-American Problem

Just yesterday my missus came to me in a panic because she flushed her poo down the “wrong pipe.” As in she used the low pressure button and thought they were separate.