Maybe offering a 15 cent burger special on a holiday wasn’t the smartest idea for this well known and well liked burger chain in the Philippines.

Zark’s has nearly 30 burger joints across the Philippines, and they had a sweet deal for their customers on National Heroes Day a couple weeks ago. For only 8 pesos (15 cents), folks could enjoy the Ultimate Burger, which usually costs 145 pesos ($2.84). And people went crazy.

It actually looks like a pretty good burger, so let’s cut these folks who lost their minds some slack, shall we? Only, this chain was really on a roll with great ideas, so the saga doesn’t end here. Because of the rush, Zark’s decided that only the first 80 people in line were allowed the 8 peso deal. You can probably guess what happened next.

That’s right, thousands of people showed up and the scene devolved into chaos. People were pushing, climbing over railings, and doing other unruly protest stuff – the whole nine yards really.

Pauline Cabal Estrada recounted her experience that day: “As I saw the people running and all their screaming, I changed my mind.” Good call Pauline.

Buuuuuuuuuut, Estrada also admitted that the Ultimate Burger is “one of a kind.” So the lesson to be learned here is A: Don’t offer food for next to nothing (especially if it looks really tasty), and B: DO NOT offer these kinds of deals on a holiday.

See ya’ll on Black Friday!

h/t: Mashable