We’ve all been there. You just finished a romp in the sack and you’re wondering…were you good enough? Well, these AskReddit men are here to let us know what makes a woman good in bed, so if you’ve ever questioned your skills, read on!

#1. Enthusiasm 

<“The best thing a girl can be in bed is enthusiastic, like it's turning her on to be with me, as much as it's turning me on to be with her. That's really 90% of it right there.”

#2. What About Your Grandma?

“She’s gotta have at least one boob and she can’t be my Mom.”

#3. Scratching Is A-Ok

“When a girl is on top I usually move my hips in relation to hers to make the movement a little better/faster. When a girl does the same thing when I’m on top it’s pretty amazing and sexy. Along with wrapping her legs around me or scratching me back. I love when they scratch my back. And then I pretend to want to hide the scratches.”

#4. Find Your Match

“The difference is smaller than you might believe, depending on your own personal taste and what you happen to be in the mood for. For example, I like control. Not in a sadistic way, but I like dictating what happens when. A man looking for a more assertive woman would not enjoy my kind of partner, and vice versa.”

#5. One Word


#6. Participate

“Don’t just lay there. If I wanted to fuck an inanimate object I would’ve bought a Fleshlight. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else that would make a girl bad in bed.”

#7. Confidence

“Confidence. Like…girls feel a lot of pressure and feel that they won’t satisfy in various regards. That makes them less deliberate, creative, and into the moment.”

#8. Werk It

“She’s good if she can contribute to the experience. This can be anything from making sexy noises to actually movement.”

#9. Questions Are Encouraged

“Being good means not being too serious and not being afraid of asking things.”

#10. Put Those Hands To Work

“Always be touching, moving your hands over his body. Tugging hair, digging nails in back, basically being active with your hands.”

Photo Credit: She Knows

Photo Credit: She Knows

#11. Silence Is NOT Golden

“You don’t have to do the porn star “EUNGH EUNGH OH FUCK EUNGH EUNGH OH GOD” baloney. That will probably knock him out of the moment. But make noise, hums or has are my preference. Find out what he likes. Maybe the porn star hollering?”

#12. Take Charge

“When a girl is on top, with that devilish look in her eye…yeah. You want that.”

#13. Shit, Now I Want Pizza

“Sex is like pizza: When it’s good, it’s really fucking good, but when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

#14. Dependent On The Relationship

“A one night stand is completely different than a long term sexual relationship. For a one night stand, it takes TWO of you. Normally you don’t know much about each other, so willingness to satisfy the other, and giving and getting feedback is good. But it’s the luck of the draw, and normally one of you is too drunk, or it’s over way too quick. For a long term relationship, being comfortable with each other is key. And playful.”

#15. HAVE FUN!!!!

“Just relax and enjoy yourselves, ladies…if you enjoy giving blowjobs then you’ll be good at it. If you enjoy the act of sex, you’ll be good at it. What gives you pleasure gives us pleasure so make yourself feel good and relax, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who’s genuinely enjoying herself.”

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