Bored Panda ran an open list soliciting before and afters of superheroes, and the current winner on that list had me scratching my head:

Photo Credit: Amazon

That’s Exo-Man in 1977 and Iron Man in 2008. That shouldn’t count. And, best I can figure, it was originally labeled as Iron Man in both pics. So, that’s a fluke.

But take a look at this list and see if you prefer the retro or the new versions:

#15. Supergirl – 1984 / 2015

Photo Credit: Amazon

There were a lot of them that looked too similar to notice much.

Hell, Daredevil and the Flash made you squint between them, let alone their then and now pics.

#14. Nick Fury – 1998 / 2012

Photo Credit: Amazon

There are some obvious and easy differences with Nick Fury, but I really love the detail around the eye.

But I still think The Governor has a better patch.

Photo Credit: AMC

#13. Doctor Strange – 1978 / 2016

Photo Credit: imdb

Went a little more subtle on the bling. Good call.

I wish they’d kept the ’70s mustache though.

#12. Wolverine – 2000 / 2013

Photo Credit: Amazon

That’s ridiculous.

#11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 1993 / 2016

Photo Credit: Amazon

I was going to disqualify this one, because the modern image is an illustration. But, then I remembered that the TMNTs are pretty much illustrations, being, you know, giant, walking turtles.

#10. Captain America – 1990 / 2016

Photo Credit: Amazon

Green skin, body suits, green hair, and weird bulges after the jump.