There’s something alluring about Snapchat, even for someone as old as me. I think it’s the fun filters. It kind of relieves the pressure to take a pretty selfie when you’re meant to look silly, perhaps? Not sure, but I spent a good week obsessed with it when I first downloaded the app to my phone.

These people really know how to use it to their full advantage. Because these Snaps are so freaking dumb that you’re going to have a hard time not snorting, at the very least.

15. All I see is double the work.

Photo Credit: Reddit, OogityBoogity23

14. I’d say you could have more than a feeling.

Photo Credit: Reddit, ArkadiusBear


Photo Credit: Reddit, Klempenski

12. Can. Not. Unsee.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,Sarcassie

11. So freaky!

Photo Credit: Reddit, Strid3r21

10. “He’s got a case of the Mondays”

9. Mini soldiers in the pool.

Photo Credit: Reddit, GallowBoob

8. Okay but really, though. What’s so funny, pepps?

Photo Credit: Reddit, DaveHolden

7. OMG HA.

Photo Credit: Reddit, E_Hizzle

6. “My slippers look like they’re up to no good.”

Photo Credit: Reddit, Forbestalley

5. That’s worth at least a snicker.

4. Me, too.

3. I mean, he’s got to be overcompensating for something.

Photo Credit: Reddit, NaigeBoy

2. Perfection.

1. “My friend, a centaur…”

Photo Credit: Reddit, DonLeon1423

h/t: Buzzfeed

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