As an author of more than two dozen books, I can tell you that book dedications are only fun for the first five or six. After that, unless you have someone specific to thank for that particular book, there really aren’t more people in your life that need or want such a public thank you.

Which is why many authors I know simply forgo them after so many books. But I gotta say…after scrolling through these amazing dedications, I think it’s time to up my game. I mean, creativity for the win, am I right?

15. This is SUCH a dude dedication

Photo Credit: Twitter, nsarnoff

14. In the end, this is really the only reason to write a book

13. Favorite

Photo Credit: Twitter, book_magpie

12. Easiest way my sweet patoot

11. Modern-day dedication

Photo Credit: Twitter, MyraFiacco

10. So much truth

Photo Credit: Reddit, -waterbear-

9. This is every author’s dedication to their mother

Photo Credit: Twitter, JotDownSpain

8. That kid, man

Photo Credit: Amazon

7. Confessions

6. A man after my own heart

5. Joan Rivers was effing hilarious

4. Don’t be rude to an author. We never forget.

Photo Credit: Amazon

3. Every creative person owes this particular debt to someone

Photo Credit: Twitter, ZoNaseef

2. This made me snort

Photo Credit: Amazon

1. Not on purpose, anyway

Photo Credit: Twitter, wokeotter

h/t: Bored Panda

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