My almost 94-year-old grandmother is on Facebook. We love being able to share photos of our lives, and the lives of her great-grandchildren with her, and (amazingly) her sisters are also on social media, so they can keep in touch as well.

Which is not to say we haven’t had plenty of opportunities to laugh (kindly, of course) at confusion here and there. We’ve all been recipients of texts or emails asking how on Earth to do something, to answer why she can’t see a picture, and (more than once) to let her know she’d somehow been hacked.

Basically, older people are hilarious and adorable, especially when they’re trying to figure out this newfangled Internet hullaballoo.

But remember, we’re laughing WITH them, not AT them. #manners

15. This guy, putting a quarter century of marriage to work.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Facebook

14. Bless. Her. Heart.

13. I lol’d irl.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Oriek

12. “I have no comment at this time.” HA.

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11. Classic.

10. I can’t decide what the worst part of this post is.

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9. Yowch.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Timmy Hawkins

8. Grandpa keepin’ it real.

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6. 100% amazing.

5. NOW we need the crying laughing emoji.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Whore Crusher

4. Oops. Ha!

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3. Actually dying.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Cdif

2. Just a tad.

1. Good looking out, Grandma.

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