Anyone who has ever used Google Translate has surely had a laugh or two when a translation goes bad. I mean, assuming you caught it by having someone double check for you who actually speaks the language, which you definitely should.

These signs were found other places, though, and were probably written by people who should have known better but were either super lazy, totally clueless, or trying to get fired. Maybe all three.

At any rate, enjoy.

#15. RIP.

Photo Credit: Facebook

#14. The sad part is I would just shrug and go with it if I saw this in a hotel.

Photo Credit: Instagram

#13. I feel like this might just be a spelling error.

Photo Credit: SusiesBigAdventure

#12. Yeah, Manuel!

Photo Credit: Instagram

#11. You’d better find something, dammit.

Photo Credit: Instagram

#10. Kinky.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#9. We have all prayed to the toilet on occasion.

Photo Credit: Instagram

#8. Come right in, nothing to see here.

Photo Credit: Reddit/BizarroCullen

#7. …or the horse wolf?

Photo Credit: Instagram

#6. Wut.

#5. Not untrue.

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#4. I do not think I’ll be having any thanks.

Photo Credit: Twitter

#3. I mean. Okay?

Photo Credit: Twitter

#2. Decomposed mule. Yummy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

#1. Sounds delicious!

h/t: Bored Panda 

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