I don’t know about you, but I love driving past businesses that get super creative with their signs. I mean, why miss out on the chance to make someone laugh? Not only that, but I’m way more likely to stop in or remember a place if they did just that. So not only is it fun, it’s also good for business.

And these 15 vets would definitely get my business if I were in the market. Because they’re hilarious.

15. I feel like a dog could have actually written this sign

14. Important clarification

Photo Credit: Reddit/mfilosa17

13. I feel as if they’re trying to tell us something. But what?

12. Stoppppppppp

11. If only…

Photo Credit: Reddit,KSmegal

10. Hard to argue with that logic

9. I mean, technically…

Photo Credit: Facebook,EauGallieVet

8. “This is your brain on catnip…”

7. This one earned a big ol’ snort

Photo Credit: Reddit,prichardson154

6. The pop culture references are my favorite

Photo Credit: Tumblr,fallontonight

5. It’s test anxiety, okay?

4. *sets down quietly*

Photo Credit: Facebook,EauGallieVet

3. Very good advice.

2. I love it

1. Words from the Wise

Photo Credit: Instagram,frontiervet

h/t: Bored Panda

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