It’s scary to make the first move for both men and women, so why does the responsibility so often fall with the dudes? They are just as terrified of rejection as ladies are! Girls often use the excuse of not wanting to come off as too forward, but, according to these AskReddit users, that’s exactly what you need to be if you want the guy you’re cruising to pick up on your subtle flirtations.

Photo Credit: Return of Kings

Photo Credit: Return of Kings

1. Being Subtle Doesn’t Work

“Before my fiance and I started dating, I gave her a ride from church to the bowling alley. She sent me a facebook message that said ‘Thanks for the ride, I appreciated it’. I assumed she was being polite.

The second message, a week later, was “You’re cool and funny, we should hang out”. She was clear. Now she’s engaged.”

2. Let’s Get Physical

“Touching. Now, many girls do this, but it’s a touch on the arm or passing an item back and forth or something. These are things a guy will assume is just friendly touching. If you find excuses for neck/back rubs, keep your hand on our arm for an extended time, or go for the risky hand-on-knee-or-lower-thigh, we’re much more likely to get the hint or feel the charge in the air.”

3. Make a Move

“Make first moves. Call -us- to go hangout ‘innocently’ and set it up as a date like activity. Or buy just me a drink. Things like that.”

4. Just Ask ‘Em Out!

“A girl can ask a guy out on a date. This shows interest, I hate how taboo it is.”

5. Surrender

“Wave a flag or something.”