Depending on what kind of kind you were, playing Truth or Dare could either be a whole lot of fun or absolutely terrifying.

For me, it was definitely scary. What would I be asked to do?

Get naked? Kiss a girl? KISS A GIRL??????

I always silently said a prayer before a party or get-together that the game of Truth or Dare wouldn’t even brought up, but inevitably it happened sometimes…and I just had to deal with it.

Are you ready to hear some good Truth or Dare stories?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

FYI, these posts are NSFW.

1. Learned something that day.

“Was at a friend’s house, playing video games (we’re both males), when we started giving dares to each others. At first it was just some normal dumb shit, like dry hump the couch or that kind of thing, but it started to escalate.

He dared to take off my pants, so I dared him to do the same, and it kept escalating from there. It escalated to full on sex, and ended with me discovering that I was bisexual.”

2. That escalated quickly.

“Once in New Jersey we were drinking in this guys room, it was me and two of my friends, and four guys, we started playing truth or dare which started with taking shots and doing embarrassing things.

Ended in an orgy.”

3. People are DIRTY.

“It wasn’t ”truth or dare” it was just “dare.” Just a couple snipits from one night. Chick I had only met that night gave me a handy basically in front of everyone.

All chicks were eventually topless and I got to go down on my childhood crush… one of the more epic nights up to that point in my life.

We were all 19-20 yrs old.”

4. Very smart.

“I sniffed glue out of a used gym sock which caused me to get light-headed and pass out.

I also drank some jager off of some greasy guy’s sandal, no idea why I said yes to that one, my throat felt funny for a few days after that.”

5. Call the cops!

“Pooped in the road in front of my friend’s house after a sleepover surprise bday party. We were all 12 yr old boys. The cops were called.

First time I lied to a cop. And learned what the word “defecating” meant.”

6. I like your style.

“I ended up sprinting naked out of the motel, to the end of the block and back. I argued I needed shoes because it was 15 degrees and snowing outside.

I was given the beer cases. Each foot wore half of the package from a 24 pack of Miller lite, and the high life case served as my helmet of glory.

I was a true man of genius.”

7. Fight night.

“I was dared to fight the strongest kid in the class.

I took the dare, and ended up winning because it turned out the guy was awful at fighting. Before the fight he was trash talking me.

It felt so sweet after I won.”

8. That’s different.

“My friend had his girlfriend inject a syringe of tequila into his ass. We all thought it was the funniest thing but he ended up shitting blood and he still has issue with it.

Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in fact I feel bad that it happened.”

9. Party time.

“Girl dared me to take my clothes off, so I did.

I dared her to take her clothes off, so she did.

Someone else dared me to kiss her.

The kiss just turned into us fucking on the floor of my friend’s bedroom in the middle of a party.”

10. V Card = Gone.

“I lost my V card during a game of Truth or dare.

It was with a girl I felt nothing for and I’m pretty sure the girl who dared me (different girl who watched) was into me but was too afraid to tell me and wanted to have sex but didn’t know how to go about it.

The sad part is I probably would have had sex with her if she had asked.”

11. In all its glory.

“We were making props for a skit/dance performance in high school. My dare was to do one of our dances naked. They chose the one that was basically krumping (US style dance with big exaggerated movements.

As I undress, the guys pull me into a room and put a porn video on to get “hard before the show.” I was extremely embarrassed and weirded out by all this, instant regret. But decided to fully commit

They placed me on to of the stairs like I was a lady about to sing opera from a balcony, spot light and everything. A whole audience below catching my schlong from below in all of its glory.

From then on the guys and girls in our group called me godzilla dick.”

12. That’s awkward.

“When I 13 I was at my friends birthday party with a couple kids in my class. Ok so on with the story I was dared to got into my friends parents room in my boxers and say “ lovely morning“ and dance I did it.

But as I was running away I tripped and dislocated my shoulder and I had to go hospital in only my underwear it was so awkward.”

13. Two stories.

“Two separate occasions. Both when I was about 19… what a great year!

Myself and two girls at one of their houses. No parents home for the weekend. Truth or dare. Alcohol was flowing and clothes were coming off. At some point I swapped underwear with one of the girls. Later we all kissed, and finally we were groping each other. We were on track for a threesome that night, but I drank so much I passed out.

Later that summer I got a girlfriend. Her family reunion in a couple beach houses. Alcohol and bonfire on a beach. Truth or dare. Skinny dipping! Everyone joined including girlfriends cousins (some were very cute!).

Later that night me and another of her guy cousins grabbed onto a beach groomer pulled by a tractor and got dragged a couple hundred yards down the beach. We ran when the driver threatened to call the cops.

I miss my youth…”

14. Maybe that’s the goal?

“Turned it into a full on threesome.

Isn’t that the end goal of the game anyways?”

15. Drink up!

“We played truth or dare with my female football team while we were on a trip.

What can I say, I drank from a toilet.”

16. Weird, wild stuff.

“Dared to drink a cup of pee.

Not very tasty, wasnt even my pee.”

Those responses definitely brought back some memories.

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