Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. People are also idiots. Hence the entire thread on AskReddit devoted to the worst things said to a pregnant woman, both by strangers and loved ones. Good rule of thumb, if you’re an ass, don’t interact with a woman currently growing a human being inside of her. Just walk away.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

1. Family Aren’t Always Your Family

“I was adopted and my mom hadn’t been able to get pregnant before. When I was around 2-years-old, she finally managed to get pregnant! My aunt told her that she was praying to God that my mother would lose the baby because she thinks my mother wouldn’t love me as much as her biological child. Mom started crying and dad screamed at her and punched her husband in the face when he said he agreed.

She miscarried.”

2. Hunger Cravings

“I am currently not wearing my wedding ring at 36 weeks. My feet, legs, hands, and fingers are swollen so much I feel like a Macy’s Day parade balloon.

“Oh, is everything okay with you and the daddy?”

No, I ate him, get out of my face or I will eat you too.”

3. Thanks, Mom

“It’s not really your baby because you’re on Medicaid. It’s mine because I paid for it with my taxes. – My lovely mother.

By the way, I was working and also pay taxes.”

4. How Rude

“”You’re having a girl, aren’t you? I can always tell. Girls steal your beauty.” -Relative who was subsequently disowned.”

5. Fuck Gender

“I’ve had a couple wonderful comments, but the most unwelcome was “At least if you lose this baby, you can always try for a girl!” I’m currently expecting my second son.”