Most of the time people do things to get praise, to get their 15 minutes of fame and be recognized. Then, sometimes people just do good things because it’s the right thing to do. Take a gander at these 17 stories and be reminded people are still good.

1. Kidney for a present

My ma has my kidney.

I can never tell her. She would have never agreed. And she would regret it forever if I told her now.

She thinks it’s someone who sold it to us. And that she was so lucky to have got a “donor” within 3 months of needing it.

The amazing feeling of having done this for my ma is something I can never explain to anyone. No one knows about this – except my wife!

2. San Francisco

Many of you who live in San Francisco may know the homeless man whom walks around the marina and sells you his writings. One day he approached me and asked for money after showing me the literature that he had been working on. I looked down and noticed he was wearing shoes about 4 times too small. His heel was over the back of the shoes and dragging behind his shoe. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was. He was a similar size to me so I told the nice gentlemen that I did not have any money but to wait there for a minute. I ran home and grabbed a pair of white nike air jordans that were brand new, I mean these things were sleek! When I came back and delivered them to him he almost started to cry. I saw him strolling around for about a month looking all pimp and for some reason to me he just seemed happier. I still see him every now and then….I think Ill give him a new pair when I see him next.

3. Employee Bonus

When my company was acquired for > $100m, the acquirer between signing and closing rescinded all the payments for employees other than the two co-founders.

I refused to sign the closing papers, took 30% of my proceeds, and forced the acquirer to create a package of ’employee bonuses’ which in fact weren’t bonuses and were paid by me.

The employees never knew. They thought this web leader ‘took care of them’. In fact, in part because of these payments, only 1 person — one — left in the first 2 years.

The web leader was so angry about this, that while the deal went through (and has been very successful), they cut back my VP compensation at the Web Leader and paid me as a relatively low level employee and cancelled my bonus and all stock options. So this cost me another $2m or so.

It’s all good.

4. Domestic Violence

I saved my mother from being burned alive from my father.

I live in India. Domestic violence was a common scene in my family since my childhood. Despite having a careless attitude towards studies, I used to score well in school exams (88-95% marks always), so my parents had huge expectations with me that I will surely clear IIT-JEE. But, I never prepared for JEE during my 11th and 12th class.

I had the habit of studying only a night before the exams. It was the night before IIT-JEE exam date when the above incident happened. My father doubted that I will never be able to clear JEE because I never did preparation for it like other kids do, so he drank alcohol and came barging at me in anger that I have wasted his money for nothing as I am not getting into IIT.

He was angry that why was I preparing the night before the exam and not months before. So he threw all my books at random and created a havoc. When my mother intervened, then he went after her…

It led to my mother drenched in Kerosene oil and at the verge of being burned alive. So I hit father and locked him in another room alone for the rest of the night. The next day he apologized to us and told me that I did the right thing.

I never told this incident to anyone and only my parents know about it, and not even my elder sister.

5. Suicide Prevention

I used to be very active on an internet message board, mostly because I liked arguing with people online.

One night, at around 2am, a young man posted a message indicating they were contemplating suicide. I honestly don’t remember what the exact message was, but we (us message board people) were all quite concerned. And it was clear that this was a teenager who was suffering from depression – not some terminally ill person or anything like that.

Thinking that the various messages of support / admonishment people were posting might not have any significant impact, I took a look at his profile. He had a link to a personal website. From there, I ran a WHOIS search to get more details. Unfortunately, his personal contact information wasn’t there. But there was contact information for his webhost.

So I called them up. It’s 2AM and the person who answered the phone was pretty groggy. I think the webhost must have been a one-man operation. Anyways, to his great credit, the man did not hang up on me. I told him I thought one of his customers was about to commit suicide and gave him the domain name. I asked that he call the police and give them his customer’s address. That was pretty much all I could do, so I hung up and hoped for the best.

A few days later, the young man posted to the message board again – except it was his sister posting under his name. She didn’t say much, except that he was healthy and working through a few issues, and thanked us for looking out for him.

I pretty much forgot about the incident until now. Hope he’s doing okay!

6. Just Ask

This story didn’t happen to me, but to my best friends. And to this day I think I’m the only one he’s told.

He saved a girl from impending death, and re-united a family.

As he was waiting for the train to go into the city, he sees a shape moving on the track in the distance, and it lays down.

Confused, he runs there, and to his great shock it turns out to be exactly what he had feared. This young teenage girl was just laying on the tracks, waiting for a train…

He goes up to her and starts asking, what she’s doing, why she’s there. And the answers weren’t shocking. Just a young, lost and suffering soul, waiting for the end. She’d run away from home for a few days and had finally gotten the “courage” to finish it.

He finally manages to convince the girl that it was not all hopeless. He then accompanied her back to her home, and found her mom in tears as she saw her daughter. Then the daughter herself well up.

He quickly explained the situation, and where he had found her. Clearly not over staying his welcome, and after all the hugs and thanks from the parents, he left the renewed family together.

He still keeps in touch with the girl, and they are FB friends so he sees her pictures smiling and with boyfriends. She is happy as ever 🙂