Maybe you’re the grammar nerd in your life. Being a writer, I am one of many grammar nerds in mine, and I love each and every one of them. Even if some days they make jokes like the ones in this post, and I feel at once superior that I understand them and also like my eyeballs are going to roll out of my head.

17. An unlikely marriage of math and puns

Photo Credit: Unearthed Comics

16. Sometimes it’s so hard

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15. So bad. So good.

14. Who’s there? Mr. Know It All.

Photo Credit: We Are Teachers

13. Wait for it…

Photo Credit: Grammarly

12. You know it

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11. How punctuation ends relationships

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10. This is amazing

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8. And you won Teacher’s Pet forever

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7. It’s actually funny. Ha!

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6. Those nasty letters

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5. Ba-dum-ching

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4. The struggle. It’s real.

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3. An oldie, but a goodie

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2. Punctuation dating hazards

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1. Looooove

Photo Credit: Grammarly

h/t: We Are Teachers

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