9. Coldplay was originally known as Starfish.

Photo Credit: BBC

I wonder if they would have been as popular.

8. The famous Toy Story tagline “To infinity, and beyond!” was supposed to be uttered by Lunar Larry, not Buzz Lightyear.

Image Credit: Disney

I sort of love the original…

7. They wanted to call Best Buy “Sound of Music.”

Image Credit: Slideshare

I’m guessing there were some copyright issues.

6. SpongeBoy only became SpongeBob after the creators realized it was copyrighted by a mop company.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Would not be the same.

5. At the World’s Fair in 1904, you wouldn’t have bought cotton candy, you would have grabbed fairy floss.

Image Credit: The Raptor Lab

I propose we bring this back.

4. Instead of sending Snaps, you could be sending Pictas.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

The app Snapchat was originally sold as Pictaboo.

3. Eggo waffles were called “Froffles” (frozen + waffle).

Photo Credit: Epicurious

Customers noticed their egg-y flavor and the nickname stuck.

2. In today’s racist entry, Brown Eyed Girl was first dubbed Brown Skinned Girl.

Then Van Morrison came to his senses, according to this interview in the Belfast Telegraph. “That was just a mistake. It was a kind of Jamaican song…Calypso. It just slipped my mind. I changed the title.”

1. Limp Bizkit? No, we’re Blood Fart.

Image Credit: TMZ

They’re both pretty bad, if you ask me. Which no one did.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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