17. We all have that one friend who just can’t handle it

Photo Credit: Reddit, raandomly

16. The fresh stuff is the best stuff

Photo Credit: Reddit, Wickerchair

15. Oh, are you home already?

14. The face you make when you know your first time is definitely not going to be your last time

Photo Credit: Reddit, boleyn

13. “Some weird stuff happened, man. Let’s not talk about it.”

Photo Credit: Reddit, sfcl33t

12. She’s not letting that bottle out of her sight

Photo Credit: Reddit, braynzz

11. Hey, it’s cool, man

Photo Credit: Reddit, Brenana

10. Try to take it from me, I dare you

Photo Credit: Reddit, boost_world

9. “What is a tongue and how does it work?”

Photo Credit: Reddit,CMCoolidge

8. When you can’t really move, but you also don’t want to

Photo Credit: Reddit,MichaelJFoxxy

7. “Look away, you don’t need to see me like this”

6. This cat definitely needs to be turned off and back on

Photo Credit: Reddit, SaraX11

5. “Do we have any, like, snacks?”

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4. I see what you have been hiding, human. We need to talk.

3. The harvest is ready…

Photo Credit: Reddit, user862

2. When you pass out before you can clean up the evidence

1. When you’re pretty sure you can see the universe move

Photo Credit: Reddit,TheExtreme300

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