I’ve been fortunate most of my life not to have to commute more than 25 minutes. However, there are plenty of people who spend large chunks of their life getting to and from their daily grind – which I imagine is pretty sucky.

When posed with the question “How can someone with a long, hellish work commute each day best utilize that time more productively?”, these 18 Reddit users shared their advice.

It may be important to mention, some of these should not be attempted unless you are the passenger…

1. Aww

Call your mom. My husband has a long daily commute and calls his mother every afternoon on the drive home. She’s a widow, doesn’t speak much English, and she’s pretty isolated. That daily call from her son means the world to her.

2. Podcasts

Driving? Listen to informative podcasts.
Not driving? Read a book.

3. Bilingual

Learn a second language?
There’s a really good app called Duolingo. I always plan on getting back into it, but never do

4. Just Move

Do whatever it takes to eliminate the commute. Move if you need to, no excuses. Make it your goal and dont let anything stop you. Nothing is more soul sucking and robs you of your finite life than sitting in a car in goddam traffic every day.

5. Writing

Write. One page a day gives you 300 pages a year. That’s one book. Keep it up, and, one day, you might pen a bestseller and never have to work again. Writing pays very little until it pays a lot.

6. Unwinding

I would keep a small notebook and during my bus commutes back home, I would write down ideas for things, upcoming events, finance plans, monthly goals, home or car repair plans, shopping lists, etc. It was a nice way to unwind from school since my morning commute was usually refreshing my brain for a quiz or lecture. It helped me connect with myself, writing small poems or just reflecting on the weather or surroundings.

7. Meetings

I would suggest conducting meetings from the car if possible. Being able to call into a bridge from the car and talk with people can shift boring meeting time in the office to the car where you were going to be stuck anyway, freeing up the time in the office for more productive work.

8. Bright Smile

Used to apply teeth whitening strips just before beginning the hour-long drive home from work. Then I wasn’t sitting around home with them on when I wanted to be doing other things.
Edit: clarifying mode of transport

9. Lol

Formulate a rock solid case for telecommuting and devise a presentation.