10. Side Hustle

I work on my side hustle. I ride the train and have a laptop set up so that I can use the hour productively even though there’s no wifi.

11. NPR

NPR makes my drive much more bearable because i end up getting mad and screaming at what i’m hearing instead of traffic.

12. This is solid advice

If your still in school, listen to lecture recordings, if not in school, listen to podcasts that are interesting to you

13. Build it up

Late to the party, but I drive a ton for work. If I have calls I need to make, I usually let them build up and I make as many as I can from the road. Makes the driving time fly by.

14. Quiet time

I personally like to enjoy the silence. No radio, windows rolled up to drown out traffic somewhat. Just sit and enjoy the silence by yourself. reflect on life. figure shit out. It’s almost meditative for me.

15. Math Skills

While driving I try to multiply or add the numbers on the license plates around me.

16. Work mode

Use the time to get into and out of work mode. I talk through whatever issues I’m having on my way home so I can concentrate on my family instead of whatever pissed me off at work that day.

17. Underpants!

You could use the time to think of a way to use the skills you’ve learned at your current job to start earning money for yourself, instead of your boss.
No more hellish commute if you can earn money at home in your underpants!

18. Road rage

I tend to sit, stewing in my own homicidal road rage, screaming at people, gesticulating in disapproval at other people’s lane discipline while trying not to give myself a brain aneurysm.

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