Every once in a while, something is said to you that just sticks. It may not have been intended to be some great piece of life-altering advice, but you somehow just never forget it. These AskReddit users share moments from their past that have stayed with them.

Photo Credit: Future CEOs

Photo Credit: Future CEOs

1. Letting Go

“Sometimes you just have to let a ship sink.”

“My boss, concerning my friendship with a co-worker I was too naïve to realize was toxic. But this is so true for a lot of relationships and situations, on par with the second piece of life-altering advice I was given:

“Don’t hold on to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it.”

2. Perspective

“In a particularly stressful situation at work, I asked my boss how he could be so calm. His response was, “Someday, someone you love is going to die. Then you’ll realize that none of this matters.” That hit me like a load of bricks.”

3. Hotties

“My grandfather had made it 7 months longer than doctors thought, so at his last Christmas he stood up at the table, and we were all expecting some heartwarming speech and he says “I just want to say…You’re all hot. Not an ugly one in the bunch.””

4. Listen To Grandpa

“”There are a lot of important things in life, but the most important is your health. Without that, all the other things get infinitely harder, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself.” – Grandpa Chau.

When he said this he was like 90 and he regularly outpaced me while walking (he’s alive we just don’t live in the same country). He also taught me to make and pour tea the right way. I’m very fond of him.”

5. Smart Dad

“Two things my dad said:

1) You will never be good at something in the beginning.

2) We can’t come back to Nana’s house if we don’t leave first.”