14. Always Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

“Me, my brother and a group of friends were playing. My brother got dared to run across the main road and back. Long story short he got hit by a car and had to spend the night in hospital.”

15. Boys Will Be Boys

“When three of my friends, all straight males, wound up laying on the floor trying to see who could get a full raging boner first. One of their girlfriends walked in on the competition. We don’t play Truth Or Dare anymore.”

16. Juicy

“At my first job, back when I was a teenager, about 6 of us were playing this mid-shift. 3 girls, 3 guys. It was barely starting to get risqué and one of the guys is asked “have you ever masturbated to thoughts of a coworker?” And he says yes. This is as juicy as it’s gotten, so we latch onto it. The next time around, he’s asked if he’s masturbated to anyone else playing. He says yes. Next round, he’s asked to name which of us he’s jerked it to. He looks at us one by one, then says “all of you.” The guys all got flustered as hell, they’d never even realized they were on the roster.”