Traveling can be quite a hassle, especially with all of the regulations that have been put into place for our safety. The rules are pretty self explanatory, but there are always those who think they can somehow get around them. These AskReddit users share their experiences and stories of those who tried to take contraband aboard their flights.

Photo Credit: Fare Compare

Photo Credit: Fare Compare

1. Is That A Banana In Your Bag Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

“My uncle once had to hand inspect a case full of various sized dildos because one of the dogs smelled something funny.”

2. Waste Not Want Not

“I watched a man argue about a fifth of vodka for 10 minutes, chug it, then promptly have a heart attack. That was certainly weird.”

3. The Right To Bear Arms

“Not TSA, but I saw a compound bow sitting in the trashcan last time I was at the airport.”

4. No Judgement

“I once saw a guy try passing security in a banana costume. Needless to say the guards were not pleased with him.”

5. I Feel Safe

“A story my old high school debate coach told me:

Probably about 10 years ago now, another high school’s debate team was going to some national level tournament. When boarding the flight home after the tournament, security pulled aside the debate coach after finding a loaded gun in her suitcase.

This, of course, left her very confused as she had not brought a gun to the debate tournament. Upon seeing it, she identifies it as her husband’s gun. She had no idea it was there.

The crazy part of the story wasn’t that a gun was found in the bag. It’s the fact that the gun was found on the return flight.

Which means on the initial flight out of DFW airport, she walked right through security with a loaded gun in possession and nothing happened to her.”


6. Lifelike

“Once I was traveling back home from France having done a clay sculpture workshop while there, and a friend of mine had made a fairly realistic life-sized head which she was carrying in her hand luggage. The look on the security guy’s face as that image popped up on the x-ray screen was absolutely priceless.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube


“My great-aunt from Texas once flew out to Portland, Oregon and she brought her own bacon grease because she was going to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.”

8. Yikes

“I remember a guy in front of me got pulled to the side because he had a plastic/metal torture dildo.”

9. But…Why?

“I once went through security with a bunch of vials of fruit flies. That was a rough one.”