I’ve been guilty of saying that cats are both the funniest thing on the Internet. Let’s be honest, they might even be the actual reason it was invented (#conspiracytheory). I mean, cats are pretty funny, mostly because they dgaf about anything (they make us laugh, cry, and fume) and for some reason human beings really love smart-ass behavior.

But dogs are amusing in a different way – a more endearing way that makes you want to bring them home and love them forever. So if you’re looking for some sweet, soul-warming puppy humor, I’ve got you covered.

20. Sold!

Photo Credit: Reddit,Tirfling88

19. It’s evolving into a new pokémon!

Photo Credit: Reddit,vstrong50


17. WTH. Is this dog cirque du soleil?

Photo Credit: Reddit,RealMayer

16. When just for a second you think your dog is an X-man

Photo Credit: Twitter,mcampsss

15. This is a lot of adorable for one photograph

14. Kittens are legit crazy. I get this.

13. If he grew for 100 years it wouldn’t be enough. HA.

Photo Credit: Reddit,tree_dweller

12. Sweetest. Pic. Ever.

11. I hope you don’t get stage fright…

Photo Credit: Reddit,65cody

10. Dog Owner Goals

Photo Credit: Reddit,GallowBoob

9. At least at the end of the day y0u’re still adorable.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. The other dog has the good personality, obvs.

Photo Credit: Reddit,Taydawn96

7. I just teared up a little, ngl

Photo Credit: Reddit,Louvin

6. This just made me laugh

Photo Credit: Twitter,generino_

5. This is freaky!

Photo Credit: Reddit,NegativePitch

4. But Mom, I’m not tirreeezzzzz.

Photo Credit: Reddit,Taizek

3. Do you like my hairs?? *toss toss*

Photo Credit: Reddit,Infogal

2. He looks so ashamed. Hehe.

1. When you meet a dog that’s 100% cooler than you are.

Photo Credit: Reddit

h/t: Bored Panda

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